West Coast Sunshine Dream

Well folks, the day has come.

Yesterday was my last morning registered as a New York City resident. That’s right, I turned in my New York I.D. (and its awful photo #blessup) for a California license. And as weird as it is to have any level of excitement about spending time at the DMV, I just feel like this is a Jesus thing.

The more I write, the more I realize every single part of our lives is an opportunity for him to show up and for us to praise him. Even the DMV. Because here is the thing – most people live in California for years without actually getting a California license or registering their cars here. But because of a mix of circumstances I had to do both of these things and make my residency official a mere two months in. And the first thing I think of, is of course that would happen after Jesus moved me here and told me to put down roots. That has manifested into making genuine friends here, falling in love with a church I never expected to, finding the most perfect coffee shop to spend half my paycheck at and now legally declaring where I am planted.

And as much as I take every opportunity to make sarcastic comments about California and the lifestyle here, I find myself falling right into place. It’s little things like how I now merge across four lanes on the freeway in one motion, wear long sleeves when it’s 65 degrees outside and even can drive certain places without using my GPS the entire way. But it’s big things too. It’s that my heart got planted here. I have a group of friends who feel more like long lost sisters, I feel inspired by this California mentality of chasing your dreams no matter how crazy and my heart swells when I drive home surrounded by those iconic LA sunsets. Even on the hardest days, California feels like the promised land because of God’s immense, undeniable provision.

Honestly, it’s still a little heartbreaking to give up my New York identity. I am so fond of that city and it’s vibrancy and all the nooks and crannies where you can find hidden gems. New York was a truly sweet season. The kind of season that grows you and changes you and turns you a lot more into the person you were created to be. New York was the first place I ever felt truly at home. Like a first love it will always hold a very special place in my heart.

But now California feels like home too. Maybe in an even more deeply rooted way – because God has made it so evident that He intends for me to build a life and grow His kingdom here. And while my last ties have been cut and I can now say with a hint of sorrow that my New York Era has come to an end, I am so excited and captivated by the start of this new era in California and all that it holds.

I feel Jesus speaking over my time here and what it will look like – and I am overwhelmingly stoked to chase this California dream with Him.

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