Why Affirmation Matters

I am a big fan of words – if having a blog doesn’t tell you that already.

I believe words have power – almost as if they are living things. They move and breathe and give life to things that we couldn’t experience without them.

I am a big fan of words in the context of talking as well. If you know me you are probably laughing because, well… I believe it is best summed up in this anecdote from my pal Alie:

I was about to go on a blind date and I called Alie and told her I was nervous.

“What if I have nothing to talk about with him?” I asked.

Alie cackled and said, “Leah, you could literally have a 3 hour conversation with a wall if you had to. You don’t need to worry about not having anything to talk about.”

I have also recently been referred to as a “hypeman” (so #LA) because I like words, talking and people! I love to tell my friends true things – not to earn points or suck up, but because they’re easy people to say nice things about.

It’s easy to tell Alie I’m proud of her, because she has done so much to be proud of. Telling Eleanor she’s a Kingdom changer is a breeze – it’s clear, so why wouldn’t I say it? Adding a fire emoji to Morgan’s contact in my phone is a no brainer, because she legit spits fire and is so wise. (Also hilarious that Siri can read emojis.) Giving Kennedy a “fearless” bracelet was the obvious choice because that is who God has called her to be.

I say these things because they’re true and I mean them. I also say them because they deserve to be spoken. We get lies about our identities thrown at us all freaking day.

“You’re not thin enough – try this diet product”

“The world is a scary place and filled with violence and hate – just watch another hour on the news about it to learn more!”

“You won’t be enough if you don’t _______________.”

It’s so important to speak truth to each other and our friends. It’s critical to speak out truth because it gives our friends renewed life and illustrates who they are in a special way. And we get enough negative words and messages every day, that giving life to the truth if only in a text message has immense meaning.

Take your chance to speak truth to friends because life is short. I don’t mean this in a morbid way. I mean we get a limited time here to go forth and accept our callings to greatness. We should be spurring on our friends, encouraging them in truth and proclaiming who they are to enable them to feel confident in that.

Let’s not just think great qualities about our loved ones – let’s speak them. Let’s be encouragers. Let’s know truth and speak it – to ourselves, our families and our friends.

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