Coming Home

If you follow me on any form of social media, you saw that this week my job could be considered… glamorous? I worked Sundance Film Festival in The Hollywood Reporter lounge and met more celebrities than I thought imaginable in a 4 day period. I’ve worked events with celebrities for a few years, so I’m usually pretty good about not getting star struck – but this trip wore me down on that front. A great example would be I walked outside of the lounge and walked next to Priyanka Chopra for like 2 blocks down a small back alley and legitimately almost cried I was so excited.

It was without contest the coolest trip – business or otherwise – that I’ve ever been on. I talked to Keira Knightely, hugged Tom Felton, laughed with Usher and ended up in a picture on The Hollywood Reporter Instagram with Elle Fanning. While the trip was amazing and successful work-wise, what had me fist-pumping in the air was when our plane landed back in LA.

Priyanka Chopra is really cool, but my excitement about a walk down the street with her is nothing in comparison to the richness of walking through life with my friends as we seek to love God and each other. As silly as it may sound, I have a much deeper excitement to see my friends and talk about Jesus with them than any excitement over celebrities. When we boarded our plane back to LA, a big giddy grin spread over my face because I knew I would get to go home. Home. What a wild concept that in a few short months, LA has become home in a way that is deeply rooted in my soul. I would even say it makes me emotional, because as many of my friends love to tease me about, I’ve moved around a bit in the last few years. I moved from Colorado to Philly to New York and then to LA in just four years. And each place took a while to feel like home even a little bit. The fact that LA has become my resting place this quickly reminds me of God’s goodness and that His plans are so much better than anything I dream up.

I wasn’t so sure about California. When God called me here I was a bit skeptical and the first couple of months most of what I talked about was missing New York and not feeling settled in my new city. But God wasn’t done just asking me to move here. He called me to put down roots and provided all the things I needed to do so. He gave me a home right by the beach which makes me soul soar and roommates who I get to love. He provided a job that – though it was a bit tough in the beginning – has become a source of growth and excitement. He lead me to a church that broke me of my pride and calls me into freedom every week. And most importantly, he provided me a community of people that love Him, love me and point me back to Him constantly. Sundance was amazing, but also really exhausting and draining. My friends were the ones who really got me through, from praying for me over the phone to encouraging text messages to pep talks the night before the trip. And they were the ones I was so excited to see when I got on the plane to go home.

My homecoming was small, quiet, restful and perfect. I got to come home and pray with my friends and worship our God and laugh about how deliriously tired I was. Quiet moments with my friends were such a picture of heaven, and exactly why I was so excited to go home.

There is something sacred about finding a landing place, a home that is restful and joyful and calls your soul to something higher. Praise God that I found mine. There is nothing like it. And no trip, celebrity meeting or business success could top getting to come back to it and be welcomed home with prayer and thanksgiving.

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