Back to the Basics (3 Day Devotional)

Something I’ve been convicted of lately is that I bring my circumstances to Jesus – instead of meditating on Jesus and then bringing Him back to my circumstances. I think sometimes we need to go back to the basics:
Who is God? Who are we in context of who He is? What does God call us to collectively as his people? How do we practically apply that to our lives?


We talk about trusting God all the time, but can you really trust someone you don’t actually know? To know God we need to spend time reflecting on who he is. The best way to do that is through Scripture, but also consistently meditating on who God is, not just where we want him to work in our lives.

Who is God?

Psalm 18:1-31

List out 10 characteristics of God.

What are characteristics of God you feel He’s been emphasizing to you in this season?

What are characteristics of God you struggle to believe or understand?


Often I find that I can rattle off true things about other people without hesitation – but then with myself I struggle not only to easily profess true things about my identity and how God views me, I also struggle to truly believe it. To reject who God calls you, is to reject God himself and say the cross was for nothing. The cross was to allow us to connect to God and live out our godly identities in day to day life. We need to not only remember how we are viewed by God, but also learn to believe it in our hearts.

Who are we in context of God?

Luke 15:11-24

What are true things God has told you about your identity?

What are things you need reminders of about who you are in God?

How does God’s love change how we can view our identity?


There can be this intense pressure to live up to being a Christian or live up to the expectations we think God has. But God doesn’t call us to save LA or be the perfect Christian – he calls us to love him and be loved by him, to know him and be known by him. And that’s the most effective way to live out our faith by proxy.

What does God call us to?

John 15:5-9

What ways do you find yourself trying to earn your salvation?

Do you actually believe the things about God, yourself and his plans for you that you say you do? What are parts that you struggle to truly believe in your heart?

What are some lies you are buying into about God, your identity/relationship to him or his plans for you? 

How do we practically live out the faith we profess? How does what we believe make us different or change how we walk through our days?

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