Hi! My name is Leah. However, recently Jesus told me (a phrase you’ll hear a lot) that he fondly calls me Elah. I currently live in Santa Monica, California after recently moving states for the third time in about four years. I’m originally from Colorado, then made a two year pit stop in Philadelphia for college – but ended up finishing remotely online because I landed my dream job working in fashion PR in NYC. Two years later I felt called to move to Southern California, so I packed up my life in five (extremely large) suitcases and now here I am! I’m still trying to catch my breath.

Other fun tidbits would include that my daytime hustle is marketing and that I currently think the most exciting thing about living in California is the beach and acai bowls. I am consistently mistaken for being in high school so I would like to take this opportunity to say I am 22 and full of more sarcasm than my small body would be expected to contain. I give a mean eye roll and should not be taken too seriously, ever. If you need to find me, check my favorite little nonprofit coffee shop in Santa Monica because I think coffee is more essential for survival than water.

Writing has always been a joy of mine, and reminds me of where we can see Jesus in the extraordinary and mundane. I write about where I see glimpses of Jesus and what He tells me, all written with a heavy dose of sarcasm and sass. I hope my writing can serve as a small reflection of God’s glory and that what readers can find here is a soft place to land and learn with me. I believe in the balance between acknowledging our realities while simultaneously pointing to the hope we have in Christ.