What I Need Most as an Adult

Adulthood is a mess really. But adulthood might just be a pompous way of saying: life. Life is messy. The more life you get under your belt, the messier it seems to become.

A Praise Perspective

The part that really gets me about shifting my perspective to one of praise, is that while God doesn’t need my praise, giving it to him actually blesses me. It allows me to align myself with him, see his goodness everywhere I look and live my life to the fullest, because praising God is what we were designed for.

Showing Up

I'm learning that the hard work of showing up in my relationship with Jesus doesn't make it less worthwhile. The days where He seems silent don't change the fact that I need Jesus more than the air I'm breathing. Jesus didn't promise warm and fuzzy - He promised everlasting life, and that's what I'm after.